NewOctave Corporation (NOC) warrants all products manufactured, marketed and sold under the NewOctave GlobalTM (NOG) trade name. All genuine NOG hand tools* are unconditionally guaranteed for life against defects, workmanship or failure to perform in accordance with the purpose originally intended (not assumed). This warranty is non-transferable and is valid to the original purchaser only. NOC will repair or replace, free of charge, any tool which fails for any reason, during normal use. Should any issue of fitness be in question immediately upon receipt of a genuine NewOctave GlobalTM product, please contact the seller for direction.*

*authorized distributors of NOG products are carefully selected and duly licensed entities, but are not agents or appointees to effect warranty service on the manufacturers behalf. Therefore, such agencies are generally qualified to offer assistance (exclusive of NewOctave Corp.) for general technical or utility inquiries and can be of substantial support both before and after your purchase. However, should additional assistance be desired/required regarding the core fitness of any NOG product, please contact the manufacturer at the phone number below.

Always remember that manipulation of any kind by the user (unless specifically instructed by NewOctave Corp. staff) will automatically void your warranty rights in the future. Any original item(s) requiring return to the factory should be packed carefully and returned to NewOctave Corp., ATTN: QC Department @ the address below to effect this warranty. Please be sure to adequately insure for value and provide your name, address, phone # and approximate date & location of purchase. NOC will pay shipping charges to return any warrantable merchandise. If after careful examination by NOC, tool failure was a result of gross neglect or improper use (at the sole discretion of NOC), warranty repair/replacement may be denied or prorated accordingly and return transport costs may be chargeable to the purchaser.

88 NewOctave Loop, Box 1005 Astoria, Oregon 97103 USA
Corporate Office: 503-338-7425
*electronic tuners & rubber/felt tuning mutes excluded.

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